SightLine – Prototype Download


SightLine is an adventure puzzle game which uses line of sight as a core gameplay mechanic, with items and scenery dramatically changing when you’re not looking.  An all-knowing narrator helps guide you through the disorientating, somewhat creepy game, full of visual trickery reminiscent of that seen in Antichamber.

There is a Prototype and a Playground available to download, the playground is a small test arena, while the Prototype has more intricate puzzle elements and takes you through a variety of destinations, such as a floating mountain town, a forest or just nothingness.  One thing is prevalent throughout both builds though, whether you’re in a dangerous situation or not, it can all change depending on where you look and your perspective of it.

Sightline is a thoroughly disorientating, perplexing, wonderful experience that full of surprises and clever touches.  Also, if you’re lucky enough to have an Oculus Rift it’s a must-play (though it’s still works well on a normal screen).

Vote for it on Greenlight HERE

Download the Prototype & Playground through the IndieDB page HERE or IndieGoGo page HERE (Win, Mac, Linux & Rift)