Sigma Theory – Alpha Demo

Sigma Theory is a strategic game of espionage set during a global cold war, which sees recruiting spies and sending them around the world to conduct covert operations as you attempt to become the first country to unlock the power of “The Sigma Theory”.

Set in a near future there there’s very little trust between countries (pretty similar to right now really), Sigma Theory sees each nation scrambling to be the first to gather enough research to harness the power of a new world changing scientific discovery (the aforementioned Sigma Theory), whilst they also all pretend to be diplomatic and work together. It’s important to try not to piss of other countries, but whoever is the first to unlock the full power of The Sigma Theory will control the world.

The majority of Sigma Theory is played out via a RISK-esque map screen, with you able to decide which countries your agents travel to and what operations they undertake. When they reach a country you can get them to recon the area, spy on officials, procure weapons, hack into their systems and steal info on their Sigma Theory research. A great way to increase your chances of success is to recruit researchers from other countries – they’ll work best for you if you convert them to your cause, but bribery, seduction and abduction are viable options too and switch the gameplay to a choice-based extraction mission. You can’t be too reckless with your actions as everything you do will effect on your relationships with other countries.

The current demo build features around half an hour’s worth of gameplay and gives a great taster of things to come. The UI is stylish and easy to use and the espionage gameplay makes for very tactical experience that really makes you feel like you’re the head of a covert spy agency. A strategic game of diplomacy and subterfuge well worth sneaking into.

UPDATE: Demo temporarily unavailable but you can follow the game’s development here