Signal – Game Jam Build Download

Signal is a creepy little narrative-driven Sci-Fi adventure where you race against time to save the life of a dying man in a remote research facility.

Created for the Adventure Jam 2020 by Oddly Shaped Pixels (creators of Where There Once Was Sand and Alice’s 1997, Signal is a dark Sci-Fi adventure that takes place in a remote research facility where nearly all of the people that work there have mysteriously died. You are a courier who has arrived at the facility with a package and you’re not due to be picked up again by the chopper for another eight hours. However, the sole survivor in the facility is badly injured and won’t last that long. You’ll have to see what you can do to keep him alive long enough to be rescued. Maybe you’ll even find out what’s caused so much devastation in the first place…

The gameplay in Signal is similar to a traditional point and click adventure, but you don’t actually see inside any of the buildings you enter – it’s entirely viewed from above/around the facility, with you able to rotate and zoom the camera and click on buildings you want to enter. When inside the buildings, your character describes what’s going on and you make decisions about what you’d like them to do.

The buildings contain clues about what’s been going on at the facility and objects and resources that can help you keep the survivor alive long enough to escape. However, every action you take (such as travelling to a building or searching a room) takes time – something the survivor is a little short on. You need to be careful to be efficient and not to waste too much time or there’ll only be one of you getting out of there alive (or less depending on what ending you get).

There are a few minor grammar mistakes, but on the whole it’s a very well crafted little adventure that does a great job of telling its story while only actually showing you the outside of the facility it takes place in. The voice acting is excellent and it really builds up tension as you race against time in the climactic finale. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Signal Here (Windows & Mac)