SIGNALIS – Beta Demo

SIGNALIS is a pixel art Anime styled third person fixed camera Sci-Fi survival horror game where a replica goes in search of her lost dreams.

In SIGNALIS you take on the role of a Replicant-esque being called Elster who is part of a two person crew in a scout-ship tasked with exploring uncharted planets. You are a technician and the real human in your crew is an officer, but when you awaken from cryostasis they seem to be missing. As you explore the ship and the planet you’ve crash landed on you discover nightmarish creatures and dark secrets that blend Cold War with cosmic horror.

The core gameplay of SIGNALIS plays much like a traditional Resident Evil style survival horror game, complete with tank controls, fixed camera angles, inventory management and puzzles to solve. In certain non-combative areas it switches to a first person point and click view though, allowing you to pan the camera around and interact with different objects. The blend of the two gameplay styles works really well and gives you a greater feeling of immersion in the world.

The demo build of SIGNALIS takes around 20 minutes to play through and really impresses with its striking visual style, intriguing narrative and clever fusion of gameplay styles. The Eurasian retrotech SCi-Fi setting is very interesting and even in the demo there are some great twists. By the end you’ll be dying for more. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The SIGNALIS Beta Demo Here (Steam)