Sika: Tribe’s Salvation – Student Game Download

Sika: Tribe’s Salvation is a beautiful non-combative third person puzzle platforming adventure where you can alter the time of day as you attempt to save your tribe.

Created by students at POLE 3D, Sika: Tribe’s Salvation follows the adventure of Sika, a member of a tribe that’s been pushed out of its homeland. Your tribe are now sick and to save them you’ll need to harvest Oho berries from bushes throughout the icy wilderness.

Your character is pretty agile and is able to glide through the air and dash. She can also harness the power of the God of Time by communing with totems scattered about the land. This allows her to alter the time of day between morning, midday, evening and night – which can dramatically alter the environment around here (vines may grow, ice may melt, etc).

It is a fairly short game but is’t beautifully presented, with highly polished visuals and fluid character animation. The platforming feels great and the time altering mechanics are very well implemented, with each time of day making the environment feel very different.

Download Sika: Tribe’s Salvation Here (Windows)