Silent Hill Remake – Concept Demo

Silent Hill Remake is a fantastic little fan made first person remake of beginning nightmare in the original Silent Hill game.

Silent Hill is now over 20 years old so it’s about time it received a remake. Konami don’t seem too interested in the franchise (the last main Silent Hill release was way back in 2012), but thankfully Zero Trace Operative has at least given us a glimpse of what a remake could look like and how great it would be!

The Silent Hill Remake tech demo features a near perfect remake of the first few intro scenes of Silent Hill. It only takes around five minutes to play through it, but it looks and feels just like you remember the original, albeit with slightly upgraded visuals (it still looks like a PS1/PS2 game) and a new first person viewpoint which really immerses you in the world.

Sadly Zero Trace Operative won’t be continuing development on Silent Hill Remake as it was just a small project to celebrate Silent Hill being 20 years old, but it’s a great little trip down memory lane. As soon as you hear those sirens and set foot on the foggy streets of Silent Hill it’s like reuniting with an old friend – a creepy old friend that wants to kill you, but an old friend nonetheless. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Silent Hill Remake Concept Demo Here (Windows)

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  1. When I and my colleagues extracted SH1 town map models and shared it on the internet, I envisioned this type of project. Good work!

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