Silent Hill: The Gallows – Alpha Download

Silent Hill the gallows download

Silent Hill: The Gallows is an impressive fan made game that sees you attempting to escape a freaky mansion filled with lots of Silent Hill monsters.

You’re trapped in a mansion where some very weird shit is going on. Monsters roam the halls and you’re going to have to fight to stand any chance of escape. Along the way you’ll be able to pick up some weapons, such as a frying pan or a pitchfork and some medikits to replenish your health, but on the whole the odds seem stacked against you.

Visually Silent Hill: The Gallows is very impressive, with the freaky monsters and creepy atmosphere of Silent Hill recreated rather well. It’s still very early in development though so there are quite a few rough edges – the rather haphazard combat and the omission of a health bar make things a little tricky. Hopefully they’ll get sorted out in future builds though as it’s shaping up to be a great reason to delve into the world of Silent Hill again.

Check Out a Gameplay Video of Silent Hill The Gallows Here

Download The Silent Hill: The Gallows Alpha Here (Windows)