Silent Night – Beta Demo

Silent Night is a spooky third person adventure set around Christmas time, which sees a ghost-hunter investigating paranormal occurrences inside a long forgotten English church.

Silent Night is a standalone adventure in the Crown franchise where you take on the role of Nigel Danvers, a ghost-hunter who has been sent to investigate a presence in an old church on the outskirts of the village of Northfield. However, before entering the church a strange snap occurs and Nigel finds himself trapped in a time loop where he encounters ghosts from different times in history. He must explore, solve puzzles and delve into the dark past of the church. Eventually he’ll have to make the tough decision of which spirit to exorcise, leaving the rest damned for eternity.

The current demo build of Silent Night features around 2 hours of gameplay and sees Nigel arriving at the church and starting his investigations. Although it delves into the paranormal, Silent Night is more of a spooky mystery adventure than an all out horror game. It’s got a great sense of atmosphere and there are some unsettling moments, but it’s more about unravelling an intriguing mystery than straight he wits out of you.

The 3rd person character controls feel a little clumsy at times and (possibly due to the voice acting) it’s hard to warm to Nigel as a character but on the whole Silent Night is shaping up very nicely. The game world is packed full detail, there’s lots of paranormal happenings to discover, the puzzles are interesting and the narrative is very intriguing. A spooky time-twisting Christmas Eve mystery well worth investigating.

Note: There’s plenty of paranormal oddity outside the church which you can investigate with your gadgets, but you only really need to venture outside for the fire logs right at the end and to turn on the generator.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Silent Night Beta Demo Here (Steam)