Silver Night’s Crusaders – Alpha Demo

Silver Night’s Crusaders is a beautifully animated side-scrolling arcade hack n’ slash Castlevania fan game that sees three unique protagonists attempting to conquer Dracula’s castle.

Created in OpenBOR, Silver Night’s Crusaders allows you to choose from a selection of three characters (Ethan Graymont, Francis Bloodrose and Sheeba Faulkner), then embark on a Castlevania based monster-slaying arcade romp. Each character has their own unique weapons and abilities, with Ethan being the more traditional whip-wielding protagonist, Sheeba using a massive scythe and Francis able to transform himself into a bat and fly.

Silver Night’s Crusaders isn’t a metroidvania, instead it’s more of a side-scrolling arcade action game with the game split into stages rather than a massive sprawling map. The current build features five large levels and offers a real challenge as you attempt to hack and slash your way through its hordes of monsters.

The gameplay is a lot more arcadey that a traditional Castlevania game, but the character designs, collectibles, enemies and bosses all feel authentically like the Konami’s classics. The soundtrack is excellent and the pixel art animation is particularly impressive, with some of the monsters looking better than they ever have before. A fantastic retro side-scrolling monster slaying arcade romp well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Silver Night’s Crusaders Alpha Demo Here (Windows)