Sine Requie: Snake Eyes – Kickstarter Demo

Sine Requie: Snake Eyes features a unique blend of horror, roleplaying, survival, branching narrative adventure and turn based tactical combat as you guide four members of an inquisitorial team who are investigating a heretic cult in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested 1954 Tuscany.

Sine Requie: Snake Eyes is based on the award winning tabletop RPG of the same name and features a novel blend of roleplaying, survival and choose your own adventure gameplay. You move your team around a map screen and select areas to investigate. You can split up the team, but it’s best to have all four around if you get into any combat.

The current build of Sine Requie: Snake Eyes takes around an hour to complete and has plenty of replayability. It’s an extract from the second half of the game and sees you entering into a strange village where all is not what it seems. You explore, collect supplies, uncover clues and talk to other characters, choosing dialogue options by selecting different characters in your team. Your choices have real consequences and can dramatically affect how the narrative plays out.

The combat system is particularly unique, with you planning your actions then drawing Tarot cards to see if they succeed or fail, often with side effects such as weapons jamming or increasing/decreasing one of your stats. The enemy doesn’t actually take a turn, they only attack you if the cards that you draw dictate it (which is quite often). Your entire team can die, except for the Inquisitor Rossano Mazzoni – you have to keep him alive.

It’s a very impressive game that offers a very unique gameplay experience, with its intriguing branching horror-tinged storyline, excellent artwork and clever card based combat. A dark and deadly survival RPG adventure where your life hangs in the luck of the draw.

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