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sing me to sleep

Singmetosleep is a beautiful, Unreal Engine 4 powered, exploration-based interactive narrative full of huge alien constructions and breathtaking views.

The prototype is still very early in development and lacks any real gameplay (although you can collect 2001-Style Monoliths), it’s more to give players a sense of Simgmetosleep’s atmosphere as you explore it’s vast alien landscape.  The the muted colour schemes and minimalistic forms of Singmetosleep combine with it’s haunting soundscape to create something that is both breathtaking and a little ominous.

The full game promises to be more of an ‘interactive experience’ than a game, with no score, no death, no fail states, a dream-like atmosphere and a story passes between times and places.  With beautiful visuals and an other-worldly atmosphere, we can’t wait to explore more of Singmetosleep’ s breathtaking landscapes.  You certainly won’t sleep through this.


Once extracted, you’ll find the .exe in singmetosleep\Binaries\Win64

Don’t press the spacebar during the game! It locks the vertical axis and can’t be undone.

Follow Singmetosleep’s development HERE

Download the Prototype HERE (Also features Oculus Rift Support)

7 thoughts on “Singmetosleep – Prototype Download”

  1. Thanks much for the kind words ;) A much newer demo is on the way (including full Rift DK2 support), but the current demo should at least give a good sense of the atmosphere and “feel” that is to come…

    • You’re welcome! If you could give us a heads-up when the new demo releases, that would be awesome. Really can’t wait to see more of this. That landscape is stunning! :)

      • I’m really looking forward to paying hard cash for this. The atmosphere is incredible, and I felt truly transported to another world. Where do I buy my Oculus Rift? :)

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