Sinister Stars – Game Jam Build Download

Sinister Stars

Sinister Stars, a mysterious and creepy game made for the Mystic Wester Jam, has you exploring the desert at night, looking for fallen stars as shadowy figures close in around you.

You were sitting in a cave by your fire, enjoying the night sky, then set out to adventure into the darkness around you. As you started walking away from your camp, the stars suddenly turned red and fell from the sky. They’re now scattered around the dark desert you are exploring, glowing slightly in sand.  You have a torch, so you are able to search around for these fallen stars. They aren’t the only things in the desert though – shadowy figures wait in the darkness, growing more in number with every star you collect.

The actual gameplay in Sinister Stars is fairly simple (limited to just wandering around picking up stars), but the atmosphere is fantastic – creating a very creepy and claustrophobic feeling as the darkness (and the dark ones) close in around you.

Download Sinister Stars Here (Win, Mac & Linux)