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Sinister Within is an eerie paranormal horror game where a ghost hunt goes very wrong as you’re sucked into a terrifying Limbo between life and death.

In Sinister Within you step into the shoes of a paranormal investigator who has a web series called “Paranormal Normality”. After arriving at a residence you set up some cameras then start snooping around using your ghost-hunting equipment. You soon find that the house is indeed haunted and attempt to help the ghost, but you’re then sucked into a strange limbo that’s home to another, more malicious spirit.

The current build of Sinister Within is very much early in development so isn’t perfect, but it shows a lot of promise. The environmental detail is very impressive, the ghost hunting premise is fun and it’s got a very tense atmosphere. The first half of the current build is far better than the second half though, where it descends into what feels like a bad P.T. knock-off, complete with looping corridors, similar settings and voices over the radio.

If the devs can steer away from mimicking P.T. and allow Sinister Within to stand on its own two feet then it could be a great game. Even in these early stages of development there’s a lot to like about it and it has some genuinely scary moments.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sinister Within Prototype Here (Windows)

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  1. I’d like to echo ABG’s sentiments on this game and add that Sinister Within has all the hallmarks of a truly great horror game.
    It is such a shame to read in ABG’s review that it descents into P.T. madness.
    I’m not aware of any retail game plummeting to such depths, why do indies?

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