Sinistria – Kickstarter Demo

Sinistria is a tense and atmospheric first person psychological horror adventure that explores themes of religious fanaticism, witchcraft and domestic violence as you unearth the dark past of an abandoned town called Sinistria.

In Sinistria you take on the role of a freelance painter whose wife mysteriously went missing a year ago. In search of her you eventually ends up in an old abandoned town in Romania called Sinistria, which holds some very dark secrets and may also reveal the true origin of your wife.

The Sinistria Kickstarter demo build takes around 30 minutes to play though and feels like you’re trapped inside a surreal nightmare. As you explore you solve puzzles and uncover more of the game’s disturbing story, which revolves around religious fanatics torturing and killing women they believe are witches. The structure of the world can change while your back is turned and doors can lead to some very unexpected places.

There are a couple of rough edges, but even in these early stages of development Sinistria delivers an intense and terrifying horror adventure. There are a few cheap jump scares, but on the whole it’s a very well crafted experience with a great sense of atmosphere, high quality visuals, an intriguing story and a deep sense of dread as you descend deeper into its nightmarish world. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sinistria Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)