Sinnerman – Alpha Demo


Sinnerman is a very cool and very tough retro metroidvania in which you battle your way through a nightmarish demon infested world, discovering secrets, upgrading your abilities and battling huge bosses.

There are lots of games that look retro, but Sinnerman actually feels retro. The character movement is a little slower than most of it’s modern day action platforming counterparts, making it more focused on tactics and pattern recognition, a little like Dark Souls. Another thing that draws comparisons to Dark Souls is the punishing difficulty level – it only takes a few hits to kill you and health pick-ups are pretty much non-existent, so miss-timed attacks can really mean the difference between life and death.

It’s very tough, and you’ll die a lot (a quick restart option would be nice), but as you learn how to deal with enemies, you’ll make your way a little further with each run. There’s a nice amount of secrets to discover, badass bosses, four different weapons to find and the ability to upgrade your powers using the souls that you collect – the prices of each upgrade is quite high though so don’t expect to grind your way to victory. The only way to beat Sinnerman is to actually become good at playing it.

Sinnerman is still early in development, but shows a lot of promise, an authentic feeling retro metroidvania with stylish pixel art visual design, brutal difficulty levels and authentic old school gameplay. A challenging retrovania that’ll punish you for your sins!

Note: Press Up and Attack to Use Your Special Weapon (Once Collected)

Download The Sinnerman Alpha Demo Here (Windows)