Sinus – Beta Demo

Sinus is a cyberpunk roguelite action RPG where you can capture your enemies and turn them into powerful allies.

In Sinus you will travel to different planets where you will fight enemies, hack robots, collect loot and find new crew members. Each of these crew members are playable, have unique skills and have their own backstory and reasons for putting an end to SINUS, humanity’s “Savior”.

Your characters move and shoot much like an Abuse style mouse-and-keyboard shooter, but you also have another trick up your sleeve for dealing with enemies – make them your allies! You can hack your enemies to make them work for you, with them following wherever you go and attacking other enemies you come into contact with. You can also hack control panels for turrets, upgrade stations and signal centers (which reveal new locations).

It’s a fast and fun game with a cool cyberpunk vibe and some clever gameplay mechanics. Being able to recruit new members who have meaningful backstories is a great touch and hacking enemies to make them allies is always fun. See if you can stop your Sinus problems!

Download The Sinus Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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