Siren – Alpha Download (DOOM TC Mod)

Siren is a very promising DOOM total conversion mod that draws inspiration from Aliens as you blast your way through a top secret facility that’s overrun with aliens, zombies and an unkillable black cloud called the Siren.

Currently in development by Dithered Output, Siren is a DOOM total conversion mod that aims to deliver an intense Aliens-esque Sci-Fi horror FPS experience, but with more DOOM-like monsters and pacing. It sees you dropping into a top secret research facility where the various monsters they’ve been experimenting on have broken containment. You need to fight your way through the facility using a variety of high powered weaponry to blast anything that gets in your way. Not everything can be killed though – a deadly black cloud called the Siren. Bullets will slow it down, and you can trap it for short periods of time, but nothing will kill it and if it catches you then you’re toast.

The current build of Siren is a very polished experience and it’s packed full of great little features and easter eggs. It’s an action packed and atmospheric experience with a nice variety of enemies and some great guns (the shotguns especially). There are some very intense moments and you’re always a little paranoid that the Siren will appear out of the blue. Highly recommended.

Note: You will need an official DOOM 2 .WAD file and GZDoom to play this mod (so you need to own a copy of DOOM 2). Once unzipped, copy the DOOM 2 .WAD file and the Siren .pk3 file into the GZDoom folder. Then select the .pk3 file and drag it on-top of the GZDoom.exe to start the game (you’ll probably want to customize your controls before you start playing).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Siren Alpha Here (GZDoom Required)