Siren Head – Game Jam Build

Siren Head is a short and atmospheric PS1 styled first person horror adventure with a jaw-dropping towering siren-headed monster.

Taking just a few minutes to complete, the gameplay in Siren Head is very simple (you just explore for a while then run away from the monster), but the atmosphere and the monster design are fantastic. As the sun sets the jagged edged low rez PS1 styled visuals and the eerie audio design do a great job of building the tension as you walk along a hiking trail. And then you see it – a gigantic monster, as tall as the trees surrounding you, with spindly limbs and two loudspeaker/siren shaped heads that spout out random sound bites, alarms and screams.

It’d be nice to see Siren Head used in a more fleshed out game in the future as it’s a very creative monster design (designed by @SlimySwampGhost). It’s really not hard to escape, but the feeling of terror you get when you first turn around and see it in all its glory is palpable and the fact that it blares out random noises/sound bites as it chases you is a great touch. A freaky little horror adventure with a very big monster.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Siren Head Here (Windows & Mac)