Siren: Rex Maria – Student Game Download

Siren: Rex Maria is a tense and atmospheric subsea horror adventure where you explore a shipwreck while being stalked by a mysterious mermaid-esque cryptid.

Created by students at ETPA in France, Siren: Rex Maria is a beautifully crafted first person horror adventure where a diver explores a shipwreck and investigates the cause of its sinking. As they explore the shipwreck they soon discover that they’re not alone – there seems to be a shadowy mermaid-like cryptid who doesn’t take kindly to visitors!

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Siren: Rex Maria really impresses with its highly detailed environmental design, tense atmosphere and heart-pounding moments. It’s a fascinating experience exploring the remains of a ship – it feels like an underwater time-capsule that’s littered with history and dead bodies. The only downside is that the ending is a real cliffhanger, but hopefully the devs will do a sequel sometime in the future.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Siren: Rex Maria Here (Windows)