Sisyphus – Beta Download

Sisyphus is a challenging and thought provoking game where you roll your head and work your way through stages of grief as you try to move on from the death of a girl you went on a date with a few times.

Most stories of loss are about a loved one, such as a family member, a partner or even a pet, but Sisyphus weaves a very different tale, as you didn’t really know the woman you’re mourning that well – you’d only been on a date with them twice. Sure, you liked her, but was she the one? Probably not. You’ll never find out now anyway, but still you’re burdened with guilt and you can’t stop thinking about her – largely because she was waiting for you when she died and the last words she ever said are recorded on your answering machine.

In Sisyphus you control your decapitated body as you roll your giant head to the top of a mountain through a beautiful, but treacherous landscape. Keeping your head on-track can be pretty tough and requires real finesse at times, but there are a few checkpoints along the way in case you fail. As you make your way up the mountain your head recounts it’s feelings about the loss and goes through the stages of grief as you try to let go and move on.

There are a few rage-inducing tough moments as you roll your head to the summit, but Sisyphus is a thoughtful little journey well worth taking. The visuals are beautiful, the gameplay is unique and the narrative is very engaging. A tale of “like” and loss is very different from a tale of “love” and loss, but no less important and a lot more relatable.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sisyphus Beta Here (Windows)