Six Sides – Alpha Download

Six Sides is a very tense first person puzzler based on the cult classic Cube movie, which sees you attempting to figure out a safe way to the exit in a shifting labyrinthine maze filled with deadly traps.

As in the Cube movie (which we highly recommend checking out), you start Six Sides in a cubic room with no idea of how you got there and a hatch on each wall surrounding you. Each hatchway can be opened and crawled through to reach another identical looking (though differently colored) room. However, you can’t just blindly jump into rooms – a lot of them are boobytrapped with poison gas, fire or even razor sharp mesh that slices you into little pieces.

The hatchways all have a series of numbers on them that are the key to figuring out if you’re going in the direct direction. We won’t spoil it here, but the codes serve the same function as they do in the Cube movie and you’ll have to use them to figure out a safe(ish) route through the labyrinthine maze to the exit. You have two shoes with you as well that you can throw into rooms to test them for boobytraps before you jump in – but you have to use them wisely!

Even once you figure out the codes on the hatchways you’re still not guaranteed a safe escape in Six Sides – sometimes you’ll find yourself trapped, with booby traps in rooms all around you. Some traps (such as the razor wire mesh that drops down from above) can be dodged if you stand in the correct place, allowing you access to other rooms. You have to figure out what type of booby trap is in the room first though – which is where the shoes really come in handy.

It’s a very tough game when playing solo, but brilliantly, Six Sides also features multiplayer (still in development so may not work all the time) which really increases your chances of escape as you have more shoes (two each) and if the worst comes to the worst (and you run out of shoes) you can take it in turns to test the rooms. Cube’s trap-filled cubic labyrinth is a great premise for a game and even in these early stages of development Six Sides has done a fantastic job of creating the maze, the traps and the atmosphere of the movie. It makes for an incredibly tense game – especially when you run out of shoes!

Note: You need to press Ctrl to duck to travel the hatches

Tips : As in the movie, the codes on the doors are a very important part of figuring out the puzzle. If you’re struggling then this will help (Spoilers). There are several exits to the labyrinth, one of which will always be located somewhere on the bottom (because you can’t climb up to reach the top hatches yet in the current build).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Six Sides Alpha Here (Windows)