Sizeable – Prototype Download

Sizeable is a charming and creative little low poly puzzler where size really matters, as you shrink, grow and move objects to solve each little 3D scenario.

In Sizeable you can click and drag objects to move them and scroll the mouse wheel to shrink or grow them. The size of an object can have some pretty big implications for how they affect the scene and the objects around them (for instance changing the size of the Sun can change the season). You need to experiment with the various objects in the environment to reveal three totems which you can use to progress to the next level.

With just three levels, the current build of Sizeable is very short, but it’s a fantastic concept with some delightfully inventive puzzle design. It’s a very tactile experience and it’s great fun experimenting with the game world and discovering the many ways you can interact with it.

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Download The Sizeable Prototype Here (Windows)