SJ-19 Learns to Love! – Beta Demo

SJ-19 Learns to Love! is a charming and challenging pixel art metroidvania adventure where a killer robot learns to love while out on a mission on a mysterious planet.

In SJ-19 Learns to Love! you follow the adventure of a killer robot called SJ-19, who has been sent on a mission to an alien planet to kill a rebel scientist called Professor Flora. The planet is quite a peaceful place and you are definitely the aggressor, but maybe along the way your little robotic protagonist will have a change of heart along the way…

As you progress on your mission you’ll blast your way through the wildlife and powerful bosses, earning upgrades and abilities along the way. The alien planet is a fun place to explore and the charming retro CGA styled visuals belie some surprisingly challenging gameplay. You do feel a little guilty for being a hostile invader in this whimsical alien world but they definitely don’t make it easy for you!

Download The SJ-19 Learns to Love! Beta Demo Here (Windows)