Skara – The Blade Remains – Alpha Key Giveaway (Steam)

Skara the blade remains

Fresh out of the colisseum is Skara – The Blade Remains, an Unreal 4 powered multiplayer hack and slash arena fighter which is off to a great start after its recent alpha release. The alpha is available on Steam Early Access where you can get in on the action, test out the game, leave feedback, and shape the future of the development.

The tone in the multiplayer arena is set like a Gladiator Hell straight out of Quake III Arena (or any Quake really). So far, you can choose from a few different armours for your Gladiator character, however more options and characters are in development of course and will be available soon. This game puts heavy focus on all out multiplayer deathmatch style gameplay that’s accented with an effective overall game atmosphere.

The lore in this universe is plentiful and weaves an intricate tale with its own unique style which will be available in future updates. For now, players can host or join servers to battle it out in the lava-infested coliseum to get a taste of what the combat is like for this rising star title. It’s evident in the gameplay video that there will be much more for players to experience when the game updates beyond the deathmatch arena alpha. In the meantime, players can get in on the early access and help shape the game, as the developers have already been listening to feedback to further improve the game elements and mechanics!

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