Skara: The Blade Remains – Open Alpha (Steam)

Skara the balde remains beta

Skara: The Blade Remains is a beautiful looking Unreal Engine 4 powered online multiplayer melee-focused arena fighter with fast paced skill based combat and a rich lore which is shaped by the players.

We first featured Skara: The Blade Remains back in 2014 and were impressed with its brutal gladitorial comabt and great sense of atmosphere. The Open Alpha features a wide range of graphical and gameplay improvements, allowing for intense 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 multiplayer matches where players battle to prove their worth in the colosseum.

The melee-focused combat feels fondly reminiscent of Dark Souls, with timing of your attacks and blocks being a key factor in your success. There are currently four combatants to choose from, each with their own skills and fighting style, There aren’t a lot of customization options at the moment, but there are plans to add more later on in development.

One of the most enticing prospects of Skara: The Blade Remains is the way the lore is handled. The narrative of the battle scarred land of Skara isn’t just enacted by the players, it’s actually created by them, with the greatest online fighters actually getting written into the lore by the game’s writers. So the exploits of the greatest warriors really will be remembered throughout history.

As it’s still early in development, it can be a little tricky to find a match-up at times, but this can usually be alleviated if you switch to a different server. It’s shaping up very nicely, with slick visuals, a great approach to the lore and some very enjoyable skill based combat. Give it a go now and fight for your place in the history books of Skara.

Download The Skara: The Blade Remains Alpha Here (Steam)