SkateBIRD – Kickstarter Demo

SkateBIRD is a lighthearted skateboarding game that’s more about tiny hawks than Tony Hawk, as adorable little feathered birds pull off gnarly tricks in little custom birdy skate parks.

In SkateBIRD players can take control of a cute little skateboarding bird who can grind, ollie, kickflip, grab and spin to rack up points. There is a narrative about being a lonely little bird who’s best friend has recently hung up their board for good, but basically it’s a Tony Hawk’s style skateboarding game populated with cute little skateboarding birds.

The current build of SkateBIRD features an open skatepark which you can skate around with a randomly selected little bird skater that’s assigned when you load up the game (each of which has their own feather colors and accessories). Around the skatepark are little birds that will give you some simple score challenges and there are even some hidden areas to skate around too.

The trick and skating mechanics aren’t quite as deep as the likes of the Skate or Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games, but even in these early stages of development it’s a lot of fun and the little bird skaters are absolutely adorable. The little birds are far more fun to spend time with than any of Tony Hawk‘s baggy clothed skater boys and you genuinely feel sorry for them when they have a fall!

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