SkateRide – Alpha Demo

SkateRide is a stylish and challenging skateboarding simulation that blends 2D character animation with a minimalist isometric game world.

SkateRide is played from an isometric viewpoint, similar to the GBA Tony Hawk’s games and allows you to freely skate around the map. There are objectives in the form of you attempting to land certain tricks while jumping across different gaps on the map, but this can be pretty tricky as and requires you to be in HYPE mode and pull off certain tricks to find them. It’s fun just skating around though and getting to grips with your cool skating moves (which can take a while!).

It’s still very early in development and could do with being a little more user friendly (an easy mode where you don’t have to press a button to land every trick would be helpful), but it’s still great fun skating around and when you do manage to pull off some nifty tricks it feels like a real achievement. Either way, it’s already way better than the last Tony Hawk’s game!

Note: We highly recommend playing with a control pad and taking a look at the key bindings in the ‘How to Play’ section before playing. You tee up your tricks using the right analogue stick before a jump or using it to perform grabs in mid-air and to land a jump you need to press the jump button as you land. Remember to press up on the D-pad to activate HYPE mode or any tricks you perform won’t be counted and you won’t unlock the gaps.

Download The SkateRide Alpha Demo Here (Windows)