Sker Ritual – Beta Demo

Sker Ritual is a CoD: Zombies style cooperative multiplayer FPS set in the Maid of Sker world, where you attempt to complete objectives whilst using steampunk weapons to blast the Quiet Ones.

The original Maid of Sker was a British folklore inspired first person survival horror adventure set on an island that’s home to a cult of once-human creatures called the Quiet Ones. In Sker Ritual the Quiet Ones act much like the zombies in a CoD: Zombies game, with various different types of them attacking you in waves.

As with CoD: Zombies you can purchase weapons and upgrades with points you earn in combat and you can also unlock new areas. Compared to CoD: Zombies though, the map is surprisingly huge and there’s a nice variety of objectives, giving you a real sense of progression throughout the match.

It’s a fun mash-up of the Maid of Sker universe with CoD: Zombies style gameplay. The visuals are beautiful, there’s a nice variety of monsters and weapons, and there’s a lot to keep you busy. Definitely worth checking out if you fancy a change from CoD.

Download The Sker Ritual Beta Demo Here (Steam)