Skippy – Game Jam Build Download

Skippy allows you to care for an adorable, clay-looking pet in a world that is showcased through videos, with slight decision making along the way.

Skippy was made for the Virtual Pet Jam 2022, and Skippy is the name of your pet. They were left on your doorstep one day, with a note telling you that they want to learn. They do need to eat each day, as well as rest, and of course explore so their knowledge grows. Eating and sleeping is two different mini games. When you eat, you will be playing as Skippy, trying to run around a plate eating cough drops and avoiding bacteria that charge at you! When you sleep, you play as a little Skippy, jumping upwards in a Doodle Jump inspired mini-game.

But these little games are not where the charm and fun in Skippy really lives. Once Skippy is ready to go and explore, you are able to watch a series of videos Skippy out in the real world. There are clay text letters on the screen, giving direction and narrative lightly to the scene, as Skippy goes to parks, explores gyms, and spends time on the beach. At the end of each of these delightful days, you are able to choose what Skippy takes away from the adventure.

The things you learn appear in Skippy’s room, which then allows Skippy to continue to learn, and once they are done learning, they take everything you’ve taught them with them, which is a lovely and slightly sad experience. My time with Skippy was delightful, and I really enjoyed the charm and character in this type of game.

Download Skippy Here (Win, Mac & Linux)