Skirmish – Alpha Demo

Skirmish is a bizarre and brutal combat game where you run, jump and attack your enemies using just one button.

Skirmish is playable in a single player or co-op adventure mode or in a competitive PvP arena mode with up to four players. The adventure mode sees you hacking your way through enemy filled levels and bosses, unlocking new characters which you can add to your party along the way. The arena mode on the other hand sees you and up to four other players facing off in a series of arenas where the last one alive wins.

The combat is delightfully brutal, with limbs getting hacked off and plenty of blood, but what’s most interesting is that you control everything your character does with just a single button. You can run by holding down the button, attack by releasing it, jump by tapping the button and turn around by double tapping the button. Obviously this makes for rome slightly clumsy character movement (which is part of the appeal), but once you get used to it you can manage a decent amount of finesse.

It’s a fun game with chaotic and carnage-filled combat that manages to allow you to do a surprising amount with just one button. Well worth checking out for some button bashing action.

Download The Skirmish Alpha Demo Here (Windows)