Skul – Beta Demo

Skul is a beautifully animated roguelite pixel art action platforming adventure where you play as a skeleton who can swap his skulls to change his skills as he fights back against the heroes and adventurers who are pillaging the kingdom.

In Skul you take on the role of a little skeleton called Skul, who has the ability to attach other skulls to his body, bestowing him with the abilities of the new attached skull. This means that one minute you can be a skilled swordsman or a ranged archer, and the next you can be a minotaur, able to charge at enemies and whack them with a big club. Each skull has their own unique attacks and special abilities, and you can switch between the skulls you’ve collected at the press of a button.

These skull swapping abilities will really come in handy on your adventure, which flips the traditional fantasy RPG narrative, with you seeing things from the side of the undead monsters’ side as they’re attacked by pesky human “heroes” and adventurers. In their latest assault on your castle they’ve kidnapped your king, so you set out to rescue him and along the way you’ll battle through procedurally generated levels, learn forgotten memories of your past life and the truth about the world.

Skul is shaping up to be a great game and it really impresses with it’s high quality pixel art animation, fun premise and challenging action platforming gameplay. The skull-swapping ability is particularly fun as shakes up the gameplay and allows you to try out new fighting styles all the time. An excellent roguelite action adventure where being undead allows you to get a-head.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Skul Beta Demo Here (Windows)