Sky Beneath – Alpha Demo

Sky Beneath is a gravity bending third person Sci-Fi puzzle platforming adventure where you have the ability to instantly flip gravity in any direction you like!

Sky Beneath takes place on a distant planet where a cooperative effort between humans and an alien mining company went terribly wrong. You take on the role of a scavenger who explores the abandoned mines and alien facilities in search of useful equipment that will help you get off the planet. One such piece of equipment is a piece of advanced alien technology that allows you to instantly change the direction of gravity, turning any wall or ceiling into your floor. You’ll need to use this gravity bending device to help you solve puzzles as you explore the high tech research labs, floating cities, and alien citadels on the alien planet.

The current demo build of Sky Beneath takes around 20 minutes to play through, and although the Sci-Fi narrative feels a little generic, the puzzles and gravity-flipping mechanics are fantastic. To instantly flip gravity you simply push the right analog stick in the direction you’d like gravity to face and tap the trigger button. You don’t need to be standing on specific areas at the time and you can even do it while you’re running or carrying objects. It all flows seamlessly and it makes for a very satisfying experience.

It’s a very promising game with an interesting Sci-Fi game world, beautiful visuals and incredible gravity bending mechanics. Gravity Rush is probably one of the most highly regarded gravity flipping 3D platformers, but this does it so much better and it’s a lot of fun. Highly recommended.

Download The Sky Beneath Alpha Demo Here (Steam)