SkyDive – Alpha Download


SkyDive, as you can guess by the name, is a 1st/3rd person wingsuit game, where you throw yourself down a mountainside seeking out extreme thrills, while trying to avoid broken bones.

like our other recently featured wingsuit game – Wingsuitflyer – it’s an adrenaline fuelled extreme sports game about flying/falling down a mountain face first.  Although in SkyDive instead of getting points by skimming near the ground, you get points by doing tricks in mid air while trying not to fail horribly and smash into the ground.

As well as pretty visuals and rapid descents, the game also has an excellent soundtrack and a fun 2 player split-screen mode.   Unfortunately, it looks like development had halted on SkyDive, which is a shame as it’s a blast to play, full of aerial acrobatics, beautiful vistas and a touch of danger.

Visit the official website and download the Alpha Demo HERE