SKYE – Beta Download

SKYE is a wonderfully chilled out and breathtakingly beautiful little flying game where you pilot a seaplane around a painterly styled cluster of Scottish islands.

Created by students at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, SKYE is a delightful flying adventure where you hop in a seaplane, explore and carry out missions in a small fishing community set in the Scottish Hebrides. It’s not feature complete at the moment but it contains around 20 minutes worth of content, with you able to explore the island, collect hidden telescopes, meet up with your buddy and go to the fishing village to carry out missions.

SKYE doesn’t feel like any other flight sim you’ll encounter. It’s a remarkably stress-free and uplifting experience with controls that are very forgiving, a very chilled out soundtrack, cheerful characters and the painterly graphical style creating a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. As you fly around you find yourself swooping through archways and skimming over the ground, not for bonuses, but just because it’s fun and it allows you to check out some of that stunning scenery up close. A peaceful and picturesque aerial adventure well worth taking off with.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The SKYE Beta Here (Windows)