SKYE – Student Game Download

SKYE is a beautiful and chilled out flying exploration game where you pilot a seaplane around a small fishing community set in the Western Isles of Scotland.

Developed by a group of students from the Breda University of Applied Sciences and previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Beta, SKYE is a charming and chilled out painterly styled flying adventure where you explore and complete quests for the local inhabitants of a fighting community. Your trusty seaplane is very easy to maneuver and there’s a large island to fly around, full of beautiful vistas, points of interest, collectibles and little quests to complete.

It’s a very relaxing experience and a very pleasant place to soar around. There are no world-ending cataclysms or impending doom here – it’s more about enjoying yourself and using your little seaplane to help spread a little joy through the community. Taking to the painterly skies of SKYE is a very uplifting experience and the perfect antidote to the car crash that is 2020. Highly recommended.

Download SKYE Here (Steam)