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Skyfear is an Unreal Engine 4 powered dragon combat game that allows you to take to the skies and do battle with customizable dragons against other players as you attempt to become king of the sky.

In Skyfear you don’t ride a dragon, you become one. You’ll be able to customize your appearance and abilities from a wide variety of possible options, with more able to be unlocked with in-game currency earned from matches. It will also feature multiple game modes and a variety of diverse environments to do battle in as you attempt to turn your opponents into a pile of char-grilled remains.

The current build allows you to customize your dragon with different skin colors and different horn and tail shapes the do battle in team based online multiplayer combat (or against bots if no-ones online). You can choose between a selection of perks, abilities and flame types (thauma) at the start of each life. The thauma types at the moment allow your dragons to breathe flames or cold blue ice – so if you customize your dragon to have the frosted pigment you can pretty much recreate the White Walkers dragon.

Skyfear is still very early in development, so it still has plenty of rough edges, graphically and gameplay wise, but it’s got great potential, and flying your own fire-breathing dragon through the skies is a very cool experience. Certainly worth checking out if there’s a large dragon-sized hole in your lives after the latest season of Game of Thrones has ended!

Note 1: If you’re not keen on the cinematic letterboxed view you can change with the in-game menu under ‘Preferences’

Note 2: Taking off can be a little tricky and seems to require tapping the spacebar a few times

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