Skyforge – Open Beta


Skyforge is a spectacular looking massively multiplayer sci-fi fantasy RPG currently in development by Obsidian (The Stick of Truth, KOTOR2, Fallout: New Vegas) and Allods team (Allods Online).

Set in a set in a world of gods and heroes, Skyforge tasks players with protecting their planet from dangerous monsters and space invasions.  Along the way you’ll gain followers and progress from an immortal warrior to a mighty elder god, helping to shape the fate of your world.

It’s an impressive game, with fast and flowing combat inspired by console action-combat games, complete with spectacular battles, powerful combos and brutal finishing attacks.  It’s also possible to swap character classes on-the-fly, allowing you to experiment with different play-styles and accommodate for different in game challenges.

Now in Open Beta, Skyforge really is doing a lot of things right – a beautiful massively multiplayer world, plenty of variety and engaging combat.  And really, who wouldn’t want to play as an ass-kicking elder god?

Join In The Open Beta HERE