Skylanders: Ring of Heroes – Open Beta (Android)

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a mobile only reboot of Activision’s Skylanders franchise, which sees exploring the Skylands, collecting over 60 different Skylanders and using them in beautifully animated 3D turn-based battles.

Coming to iOS and Android devices (but with an Android only Beta), Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a turn based RPG adventure that plays a little like Skylanders: Lost Islands, but with more RPG elements, PvP and no toys-to-life functionality. It sees you takin on the role of the Portal Master, with you travelling across the Skylands, battling enemies, collecting Skylanders and defeating bosses.

In battles you can summon Skylanders and Villains to fight on your side. You can equip them with ten magic Rune abilities and you can level up, evolve, and awaken them to make them stronger. There’s a nice amount of depth to the combat too, with you able to create teams of Skylanders with abilities that compliment each other in battle.

It’s a promising reboot of the franchise that feels a lot more like a fully fleshed out game than the Skylanders previous outings (which ended up feeling like cheap cash-ins designed to make you buy more figures). The Open Beta will run until June 25th so jump in now to join Spyro and pals for another adventure in the Skylands!

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available