Skystrider – Beta Demo

Skystrider is a stylish third person parkour platforming action platformer where you’re resurrected and sent on a journey to a towering structure on the horizon.

In Skystrider you are resurrected by a divine being who sends you off on a quest in a ruined world filled with floating architecture. You’re pretty agile, with you able to run, dash, wall-run and use an aimable air-dash. You also have a grapple that can interact with nearby objects and you’ll also battle enemies and powerful bosses.

It’s a beautiful game with a Journey-esque quality to the environments and fluid parkour platforming gameplay that makes traversal of the world very enjoyable. There’s a nice pace to the gameplay and the combat, puzzle solving and secret-hunting add a nice amount of variety. You’ll have a lot of fun striding around Skystrider’s magnificent ruined world.

Download The Skystrider Beta Demo Here (Steam)