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Slash Quest

Slash Quest, a game jam game created by Big Green Pillow for Ludum Dare 34, is a fun 2D slasher with an incredibly cute art style and addictive gameplay in which your sword grows in size with every enemy you kill.

The game itself is quite simple, but very fun and addictive at the same time. You use your sword, that looks like its built with pure light, to hack and slash the enemies that are littered throughout the land. While dispatching said enemies, your sword grows by consume their life essence. This enlarged sword doesn’t only obliterate anything it touches, it also helps you reach other islands by connecting it to the idols (they’re on the edge of each island with their eyes shut). The games difficulty does ramp up significantly with each island you gain access to, with rocks that cause your sword to go blunt resulting in it shrinking and new enemies with different mechanics and fighting skills.

The visual aspects of the game are extremely satisfying, from the bright and vibrant colours of your surroundings to the excellent colour choices for the enemies. The sound effects of the sword swings and enemy noises (while alive, and when they die), are amazing and compliment the game perfectly. The musical score, composed by Breakmaster Cylinder is excellent ear candy, with the music evolving as you progress through the area before you. Slash Quest is one of those games we’d recommend everyone try out at least once, and you’ll have a grand old time doing so. Slash fast, slash free and dodge the innuendo while you’re at it!

NOTE: The Controls, as simply as they are, may take some time to master. Practice makes perfect!

Download Slash Quest Here (Windows and Mac)

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