Slave Zero X – Alpha Demo

Slave Zero X is a 2.5D biopunk side-scrolling hack and slash beat ’em up inspired by Devil May Cry, Strider and Guilty Gear.

A prequel to the 1999 original, Slave Zero X is a 2.5D beat ’em up set in a dystopian biopunk world. In the game you have fused with one of the living machines (called Slaves), which were created by the Sovereign Khan as weapons to enslave humanity. You’ll use his weapon against him as you unleash furious combos against his minions.

At the moment the environments get very repetitive, some enemies feel a little too tanky and the animations for traversing stairs/obstacles feel a little rough (your back-most leg is usually floating weirdly in the air). It’s still early in development though and the combat is a lot of fun, with plenty of spectacular moves and brutal combos. Also, it promises a compelling story and the music and visual style are both very strong. An impressive new beat ‘em up with tons of style.

Download The Slave Zero X Alpha Demo Here (Steam)