Slay the Princess – Beta Demo

Slay the Princess is a darkly humorous and beautifully drawn graphic adventure where you have to kill a princess to Save the world.

Currently in development by Black Tabby Games, creators of Scarlet Hollow, Slay the Princess is a branching graphic adventure where your choices really matter. In the basement of an old abandoned house there is a princess chained to a wall. And if seems that if you don’t kill her, the world will end.

You only have the Narrator’s word for it that the princess will end the world, so you may have your reservations about killing her (n fact you have an inner voice which brings up these concerns). That being said, there’s definitely something unsettling about her – you really shouldn’t let your guard down…

The Slay the Princess Beta demo features the full first chapter of the game and a small portion of the second. The choices you make can set you on very different paths, and you’ll die in plenty of horrible ways on your way to it’s seven possible endings.

It’s a fantastic game with a very clever and intriguing premise, stunning hand-drawn artwork and superb voice acting. It’s also a very ambitious and replayable game, with the promise of the second chapter being entirely different depending on your choices in the first. Graphic adventures really don’t get much better than this. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Slay the Princess Beta Demo Here (Steam)