Slaycation Paradise – Beta Demo

Slaycation Paradise is a lighthearted twin-stick shooter/tower defense hybrid where you blast monsters on multi-dimensional post-apocalyptic tours.

In Slaycation Paradise you are a holiday maker who fancies something different for their vacation. Rather than sunny beaches and booze, you journey to apocalyptic landscapes filled with hordes of freakish monsters.

After enjoying a little time in the departure lounge, you’re sent to a multi-dimensional wasteland destination. In each location you have a base area where the return portal is located. This return portal takes a while to power-up, so in the meantime you can explore, blast monsters, collect guns and scavenge resources, which can be used to build defenses such as turrets and barriers. These help you survive against the hordes of monsters that chase you with increasing regularity until your return portal is recharged.

It’s a fun game with a satisfying gameplay loop of exploration, twin-stick combat and tower defense. It certanly makes for a very entertaining and unforgettable holiday.

Download The Slaycation Paradise Beta Demo Here (Steam)