Sleepwalking Simulator – Game Jam Build

Sleepwalking Simulator is a fun little game where you have to breathe and walk down a hallway. Sounds easy right?

In Sleepwalking Simulator you find yourself trapped in a corridor with pictures of games on the walls and a door at the very end. You are asleep and the only way to wake up is by reaching the door, but each time you reach it you trip over and have to start again – maybe if you focus on the door and carry out some simple breathing exercises…

It doesn’t take long to reach the end of Sleepwalking Simulator, but it’s a fun little game that makes the simple act of walking along a corridor remarkably hard. Trying to breathe and focus on the door while the camera moves and the screen goes out of focus is pretty tricky. There’s got to be easier ways of waking up – maybe you should invest in an alarm clock!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Sleepwalking Simulator Here (Windows)