Slicer – Game Jam Bild Download

Slicer is an inventive little puzzle platformer where you can use the mouse to slice through sections of the level to make a route for your character.

In each level of Slicer your aim it to get your character to the exit. This usually isn’t actually possible when you see how the levels are initially laid out, but you can use the mouse to do a little restructuring by slicing through objects.

You only have a set amount of cuts per level so you can’t just slice everything up, but you can cut in any direction, allowing you to chop up objects any way you like. The trick is chopping them up so that they’re still useful as platformers to walk on.

The visuals are pretty basic and there’s only a handful of levels, but it’s a fun concept and the levels are cleverly designed to make you think outside of the box. An inventive little puzzle platfomer that’s a cut above.

Download Slicer Here (Windows)