Slick: Ruff Justice – Student Project Download

slick ruff justice game

Slick: Ruff Justice is a super cool anthropomorphic twin stick shooter with some of the most wonderfully badass moves you could hope, such as spraying your dual wielding guns in opposite directions or entering into a close quarters third person bullet time mode and blasting your enemies face to face.

Created by students of the Media Design School, in Slick: Ruff Justice you control an anthropomorphic dog called Lee Hoi-Jing – an ex-cop who’s hot on the trail of a gang of cats who are distributing a dangerous new drug called ‘Slick’. It’s a cheezy, but fun narrative that’s relayed through well drawn graphic novel-style cutscenes during the game.

It’s not the narrative that makes Slick: Ruff Justice stand out though – it’s the super stylish OTT twin-stick gunplay that makes you feel like you’re shooting your way through a John Woo movie. Even the default firing mode with the first set of guns you use is very cool, with you dual wielding Uzi’s and blasting and bad cats that get in your way.

That’s only the start of your kick ass gun skills though, you can also extend your arms and fire guns either side of you, spraying bullets in all directions. Later you can collect new guns, that will give you new abilities, such as you can even shoot forwards with one gun and fire another one behind your shoulder. In another nice touch, once you fill up your special bar, you can also switch down to a third person view for a short time, allowing you to look your enemies in the eyes as you ply them with lead.

Of course, none of these special abilities are actually much better than just firing your gun normally, but it looks very cool, and that’s the the most important thing. It’s the gaming equivalent of an 80’s Hong Kong action flick, with little need for stealth, planning or precision, instead focusing on running headfirst into the action, filling the air with lead, kicking ass and looking awesome while doing it. Not particularly cerebral, but it’s doggone good fun!

Download Slick: Ruff Justice Here (Windows)