Slide, Crash, Bounce – Game Jam Build

Slide Crash Bounce

Slide, Crash, Bounce is a very silly driving game that’s comparable to driving a motorbike with no tyres across an ice rink full of banana skins.

After choosing between race mode or destruction mode and picking from a selection of vehicles – from forklift trucks to ice cream vans – you set out to wreak havoc on the city.  Destruction mode has you smashing into cars and scenery for points, while race mode sees you attempting to reach checkpoints before the timer elapses – but the way the vehicles handle you’ll be lucky to reach the first one!

All the vehicles in Slide, Crash, Bounce have little to no traction, making them near-impossible to control as they skid around the city bashing into anything foolish enough to get in their way.  It’s a very silly game full of lots of lovely chaotic destruction and sliding mayhem.  Smashing stuff.

Play or Download Slide, Crash, Bounce HERE (Win, Mac & Browser)