Slightly Annoying Traffic – Game Jam Build Download

Slightly Annoying Traffic, a simple but addictive manual traffic conducting game made for the Ludum Dare 40, sees you stopping and starting cars to prevent them from causing pile-ups at a cross section.

In Slightly Annoying Traffic, the traffic comes in from four different directions at the intersection in the middle of your screen. The people driving these cars along each road don’t seem to notice whats going on around them. Unable to stop or think for themselves, so you must intervene so that cars don’t plow straight into each other! You are able to stop cars simply by clicking on them. They then won’t move until you click on them once again.

More cars will still come from behind the stopped cars, and end up running into them if you don’t let them cross and go off the screen in a good amount of time. As time goes on, the intersection gets busier and managing the traffic will become more of a struggle. If just a single car crashes, your game will be over and you will need to restart. It’s a simple, but addictive little game – see how long you can keep the intersection safe for!

Play Slightly Annoying Traffic Here (Windows & Browser)