Slime of Fury – Alpha Demo

slime of fury

Slime of Fury is an addictive metroidvania beat ’em up infused with great ideas, excellent pixel art and interesting power ups in which you play an ass-kicking slime on a quest to save the world.

Jon Harwood Games have done an exceptional job when it comes to pretty much every aspect of Slime of Fury. The game itself is beautifully designed, based around the ever awesome 16bit era of gaming.  The world itself has several different settings for different areas. Most of the areas are bright, colourful and extremely joyous, but as you go further in to the game the corruption of the land becomes a lot more apparent as the colourful landscape you got used to starts to change, with the vibrant world fading away, only leaving lifeless foliage on the earth you walk on.

Slime of Fury features two ways to play. Both the keyboard and Xbox 360 controller are at your disposal and it seems to handles flawlessly. There was no input lag from button press to movement and the fluidity of it all shone in all its glory.  Fighting each of the enemies, once you get your first magical item, is exhilarating and extremely fast paced. The initial enemies are like practise targets that allow you to wail on them until they vanish, dropping in-game currency (gems) upon their defeat. Tougher monster types slowly begin to emerge however, as you make your way through each area of the game. Some will come running at you, other will hop along until that sit on you and some even spit bullet type projectiles at you.

The large selection of enemies is simply amazing, with a great variety of monsters to punch and bosses to battle.  There’s also given some fun choices when you die – either pay the ferryman to be brought back to life, battle your way through a pit of enemies or accept a curse.  It’s a nice touch that makes your death feel more like it means something instead of just instantly respawning.

The music, by Bunnymajs, add so much more to the game, with its traditional style of retro era type sound. It makes each punch that much more exhilarating and it also gives each individual area a soul, making the music an essential component of the game.

All in all Slime of Fury is shaping up to be a fabulous game, with excellent pixel art animation, fun gameplay, great audio and a vibrant game world that’s a joy to explore.  Time to get your slime on.

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Download the Slime of Fury Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)