Slippery Slope – Game Jam Build Download

Slippery Slope game

Slippery Slope is a wonderfully dark little point and click adventure in which you play a jilted husband who catches his wife cheating and must attempt to avoid getting caught for murdering her.

When your mind turns to murder, it’s surprising the amount of everyday objects that can be used to kill a loved one, the house in Slippery Slope is filled with items – a gun, a crowbar, gasoline, poison, a clawhammer, you can even use the phone to call for ‘help’ from business cards you find. Indeed there are lots of ways to murder your cheating wife – but is there any way you can get away with it? In Slippery Slope murder always has consequences, but it is possible to ‘win’ and escape without getting caught for murdering your wife.

As Slippery Slope was created during a very short time for a game jam, it does have a few trough edges and loose ends that we’d love to see tidied up or expanded upon, but on the whole it’s a great little game. A macabre and mischievous murdering sim that’ll get under your skin.

Check Out a Few Possible Endings Here

Download Slippery Slope Here (Windows & Mac)